Inside Tome

A Launch Event To Remember

Join us September 28th at 12CT for our super official, extremely exciting, FOMO inducing launch event.

Tome Team

We’ve got this thing. Ok, it’s kind of a big thing. It’s our Tome Launch Event and it’s on September 28th at 12CT.

You know when a SpaceX rocket launches and everyone gathers around their computer to watch it stream? EXACTLY. You could say this is the Tome rocket launch event. This launch event is so official that we didn’t even invite Elon Musk…ok fine, that might not be true. But let’s just say that this event is superfragilistically exciting for us.

It’s time to explore the world’s first video devotional app.

And there’s no one we’d rather have there than YOU to share it with! Now, this event might sound like it’s all about us, but we can’t stress this enough – it’s about YOU. You’re the protagonist in this journey. Every new feature, every story, every guide, every email, every blog, every instagram photo is developed and created with you at the center. It’s probably been burned into your brain now that Tome was created for you. It was created to meet you wherever you’re at in your life.

It was created to make you think, dang, this video was speaking TO ME. TOME.

In this launch event, we’re going to invite you inside our brain (yes we consider ourselves one, collective brain), and you’re going to get to walk all around the freakin place. It’s going to be awesome. Don’t forget to save your seat so that you don’t miss out!

You can expect the following at this can’t miss party:

  • Why Tome was created for you, as told by our founders
  • A look at our Guides and their authentic tones you won’t find anywhere else
  • What does Tome solve in the world?
  • We’re going to hear from users like you
  • A super secret, CIA clearance level sneak preview of new content
    and more!


So we invite you to step inside our stories and take on your place as our protagonist. We’re ready! Are you?

Pretty much all that’s left to say is SEE YOU THERE on September 28th at 12CT (screams with joy and an exuberant amount of excitement).