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Divorce, OCD, disappointment, drunkenness, and more this week!

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Non-crucial question of the week: are you ok with playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, or do you wait until after? You play the Bieber Christmas album, don’t you? Hey, we aren’t here to judge. Everyone has a little bit of the Bieber fever.

Now that we’ve got your brain warmed up thinking about the holidays, we’re dying to preview the week ahead for you. And guess what? It’s all about crazy life stuff. We hope you find yourself able to relate in a personal way to some of these stories dropping this week. Check out the madness going down for the next 7 days below.

Life has a lot of great wins…but it also has its losses. This week, our Guides explore stories of self-discovery and how they made it through some tough times. There’s a story about a guy having a breakthrough in his addiction after waking up drunk on the floor. A man ready to face his giants in the NFL that was being dragged down by injuries. Another’s daughter was overcome with fear when she had to choose which college to go to. And there’s more!

These are just bite size teasers of what is waiting for you this week with Tome.

7 Guides.

7 Stories.

7 Opportunities to grow.

Do you want to grow? We triple-dog dare you to give it a shot.

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