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Why You Need to be Asking More Questions

Learn from Tim as he discovers how asking a simple question can completely alter your life’s trajectory.

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Have you ever been afraid to ask a question? Maybe you’re at work, and you’re afraid of asking a dumb question in front of your peers. Maybe you want to ask your neighbor out for coffee but you’re afraid of the rejection.

What are you questioning right now? And what’s holding you back from asking those questions? 

Is there a God? 

Why didn’t I get the last promotion?

Why aren’t my relationships going well?

Good questions will get you into places that complaints won’t get you. In Tim Ross’s daily devotional, Why You Need to be Asking More Questions, he explores a raw outlook on his addiction with pornography at 19 years old.

Learn from Tim as he discovers how asking a simple question can completely alter your life’s trajectory.

David asks a question that changes his life.

In 1 Samuel 17: 29-31 David’s older brothers question why David even showed up to the battle? Nobody had done anything for 40 days! Was David only down here to watch?

“What have I done now?” David asks. “I was only asking a question!” He walked over to some others and asked them the same thing and received the same answer. Then David’s question was reported to King Saul and the king sent for him.

I like to question things. I ask a lot of questions. When I’m talking to my friends, I’m always asking, “How are you? How’s your day?” And then I’m listening, right? 

Overcoming addiction by asking one question.

Vulnerable alert. I had a porn addiction. 

I was exposed to pornography at 12 years old and I was a full blown porn addict by the time I turned 19. 

I didn’t know God, I wasn’t a believer in Jesus, none of that. And one day, I was sitting in my room and the question that I asked was:

Am I going to always be like this? 

Am I always going to be a porn addict? I don’t want this addiction. I don’t want to continue to exhibit this behavior, but I don’t even know how to stop. Then I had a crazy thought.

This wasn’t a prayer, this was a thought. Just a warning to all you thinkers out there – sometimes God will count your thoughts as prayers. I found this out. 

So I had this thought, “Maybe if my mom catches me watching porn, I’ll be so embarrassed, I’ll stop.” Why did I think that thought? It wasn’t a prayer, because who’s going to pray this? 

“Hey, dear Lord, let me get caught by my mom watching porn.”

Guess what happened? 

I got caught by my mom watching porn.

God’s response to my question.

That came from the question: am I always going to be like this? And the night that I got caught watching porn, it turned into one of the most significant moments in the life of my family. That night I shared with my mom where the root of all that behavior was coming from and that was being sexually abused at eight. We found out the same night that my younger brother was abused by the same person.

My mom then goes on to share with us that she was sexually abused by her babysitters when she was six. And my dad goes on to say that he was abused by the comic bookstore owner when he was five. 

In one night, what should have been the most embarrassing night of my life turned into this incredible moment where the whole family is getting all this crap up and out of their hearts and their souls. And it came from a question, is my life going to always be like this? To which, through that moment, God’s response was, “No.” 

David asked a question that literally changed the trajectory of his life. He didn’t show up to fight, he showed up with questions and questions can sometimes lead you to the biggest moments of your life. So ask more questions. We see where David asked his questions. I’ve told you where I’m asking my questions. 

What about you?

Are there any questions you’re asking yourself? You put down the phone, you turn off Netflix, your head’s on the pillow, your eyes are moving rapidly because you’re still awake but you know you got to go to sleep. It’s two o’clock in the morning, why are you still up? And you’re like…

Did I do good today? 

Did I achieve what I wanted to achieve today? 

Did I accomplish anything? 

Should I have said that? 

Should I have gone there? 

Did I do the right thing?

I think if we ask more questions, we’ll get the type of answers that can change the trajectory of our life. But we won’t get answers if we don’t ask questions. 

So ask. 

The Challenge

I want to challenge you to make a list. 

At least one question, no more than three.

This is my challenge: I want you to write down the top three questions that you feel like you need answers to in your life. 

Think about it, again, David asked a question, one question that literally changed his entire life. I wonder if you asked the right question, how your life might change. So that’s my challenge today. 


Lord Jesus, I pray that my friend will ask the right question today. I also pray that they will get your answer today. 

Whatever has been disorienting, I pray you bring direction to. 

Whatever has been confusing, I pray you bring clarity to. 

May the questions we ask today be the answers we walk in tomorrow. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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