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Your Scars Are A Good Thing | The Daily Drop

CEO and Cofounder, Troy Pollock, selects his favorite Tome that’s dropping this week – Toni Collier’s “Your Scars Are A Good Thing.”

Tome Team

Since when were scars a good thing? What?

It’s difficult to imagine any form of pain being good for us. So when we break our arm skateboarding, that’s a good thing? Or when we are left with a scar after a surgery, that’s good? This week, we’re going to find out the true meaning behind this question.

I wanted to highlight my favorite Tome that’s dropping this week – Toni Collier’sYour Scars Are A Good Thing

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We’re diving headfirst into the first week of September with some incredible new stories. Can you believe it? Christmas is only a few months away. Fill this brand new month with lessons on identity, grief and loss, mental health, and more!

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Check out the week:

Ok, ready for this? You’ve seen the heavy lineup this week, but you might be wondering, so what are these videos about then? Let’s have some fun. Below is a description of every video summed up in three words. It’s up to you to see how these words unfold on the screen throughout the week. Take a look:

College paper cheater.
Pissed at God.
Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll.
Basketball hoop emergency.
Covid community crisis.
Gas station revelation.
Losing his wife.

That’s the preview you’re getting this week, so if you’re dying to find out about the College paper cheater…you’re in luck, it’s streaming right now. Join us on a journey this week through seven uniquely and intently crafted stories that are meant to speak to you at whatever season of life you’re in.

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As you prepare your heart and mind for a brand new week, we wanted to speak these words over your life, wherever you’re at.

Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Are you ever too hard on yourself? I know I am. We all need to take a moment in our busy lives and think of the good that we do. We so often focus on the bad. So I challenge you to pick three things that you crushed last week. Let those things fuel your attitude going into this fresh week. When you start to doubt yourself, just remember what you are capable of accomplishing — a lot!

You know where to find us next week when a new round of Tome’s start dropping — right here. Have a great week!